the green fairy (litany) wrote in weateallthepies,
the green fairy


a pound! a singular flimmin pound! wtf? actually 1.5 lbs
so am 13-04-08. Pap. I only started at 13-6 i appear to be getting nowhere very slowly indeed.

Have decided I am saving my 20ps and ignoring the scales from now on! I blatantly feel quite a bit thinner...nowt drastic - i just wobble a bit less and my jeans aren't quite so snug on the old thighs :P

Have been pretty good on the diet this week...although drunkenness did see me ordering fat coke in chambers to put jack daniels in. hm.

This week is gonna be a baddun i think - tonight is the Masters Family Cantonese at the Paradise and i flat out reeeeefuse to diet for it, since a)its git expensive and its not like i go more than once a year or something and b) i doubt ANYTHING is atkins friendly and i flat out refuse to be the awkward bugger who asks for the 'sauce on the side' or whatever. Have banned daves mother and sister from talking about diets also. I know they will like coz they are strange.

Saying that its normally nasty weeks when i think 'fuck i really screwed up' that i end up losing more weight hahaha.
fingers crossed anyway!
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