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newbie :o)


Just started a diet today called cafeslim (.ie) it's an online program and they do up a weekly menu and all for you.. so far it's not been too bad.. I just have to get organised and get thte food in.. I think balanced eating with the exercise should get me down to 10 stone by october..

that's me goal weight..

I just need the help and encouragement of me favourite english peeps.. so litany kindly let me join :o)

If you don't know me, My name is finn, I'm irish (living in dublin) and am currently about 2 stone over my ideal weight.. I want to be super hot and sexy for Whitby this October.. that's my aim..

I will also post up recipies etc I find along the way..

erhm.. don't know what else to say really.. 'cept hi
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