Joanna (rosiejoanna) wrote in weateallthepies,

Bad Joanna

Having a bit of a crappy week on the diet... totally broke it on sat and sun while in yorkshire, real butter and steaks, also chocolate flapjacks! Now trying to be good but weighed myself this morning and am back up to 9.9 stone... Just hoping I can get back to 9.7 stone before official weigh day on sat...
Been managing to get to Gym three times a week though so that could also not be helping as building muscle will put on weight...
So close to goal now I just want it to be over and done with so I can eat pizza! However I know it won't be over, I will always have to be careful not to let myself scoff too much bad stuff... And I do get to eat pizza now and again... I just wanna go out and buy nice clothes that will fit me for more than a few months... I am also getting sick of people gushing about how much weight I have lost, like I haven't noticed myself, finding it hard to look them in the eye and seem happy about it. Maybe that is ungrateful and mean of me... Also getting sick of people telling me I shouldn't loose any more / should loose more / should exercise more / should eat what I want coz I have lost loads anyway and shouldn't worry about the odd slice of toast etc! Fuck off and let me get on wi it yer cunts!

Ahhh.... Better now!
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