the green fairy (litany) wrote in weateallthepies,
the green fairy

what's the scores george dawes?

Another pound off! yay!
Not great but hey at least the needle is moving in the right direction!

Have been really good on diet for 2 weeks, but body stuffed itself with 2 slices of congealed pizza on sunday morning before my brain and willpower had woken up! nothing sorts you out like congealed pizza!

Otherwise i think i've pretty much sussed it! I've been trying out some tasty things and i dont even get the urge to cheat - am just trying to hypnotise myself into thinking that sugar will kill me lol! Doing ok off the beer too - am loving bacardi at the moment!

This weeks goal is: lose more than a goddam pound! i.e. go to the gym at least 4 times! (hardly went last week due to feeling like poo)
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