the green fairy (litany) wrote in weateallthepies,
the green fairy


weightwise i am back up to where started at 13-6 :( humpfff

I reckon this is probably coz i'm about due on me rags and plus the woman at the gym said you should always weigh yourself before, not after exercise like i did coz you're all 'puffy' and plus theres the huge amounts of water you drink when working out too.

Anyway i'm not disheartened coz i feel skinnier and a bit more toned in myself and a couple of people have commented that i look like ive lost weight (without me poking them with sharp sticks!)so i reckon keep up the good work!

This will be my second week on Phase 2: Ongoing Weight Loss, which is quite frankly a pain in the arse due to having to measure things more accurately than on induction (where you simply know what you can and cant eat) to determine your carb tolerence...canny coz can eat nuts n berries and more veggies now like!
Just have to get into the habit of keeping track!

HAve been very good on diet all week apart from when mehboob made me eat a cornetto which i threw straight up again after but i reckon the damage was done :(
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